License Information

    Dog Licenses:

    Dog licenses are due by April 30th yearly and can be obtained at the Coventry Town Hall at the town clerks office. A current rabies vaccination certificate that shows the expiration date is required in order for the clerk to issue a license. Licenses are $8.00 per dog for the licensing year.

    Due to the Covid-19 Crisis,  Dog license renewals has been extended to May 30th for 2020. Mailing them in is the preferred method. Thank You. 

    You may obtain a dog license by mail. Below is a link to the application with instructions.

    Dog license by mail Form.pdf (


    Town of Coventry Ordinance Section 97-11 Licensing

    Every owner or Keeper of a dog who resides in the Town of Coventry shall annually in the month of April cause such dog or dogs to be licensed from the first day of the ensuing May in the office of the town clerk, any person who shall become the owner or keeper of a dog, shall cause the same to be licensed as aforesaid with 30 days. Penalty: First offense $25.00 Second offense $250.00 Third offense $500.00

    Section 97-24 Rabies Vaccination
    a) No dog over 3 months old shall be permitted within the town limits unless such dog shall have been vaccinated against Rabies.
    c) No license shall be issued for any required dog to be licensed unless the owner/keeper shall present to the town clerk, a current certificate of vaccination for rabies.