When are VIN checks conducted?

    VIN checks are conducted for Coventry residents on the following days at the times listed below.  (Weather permitting)


    Tues 9am - 2pm 5pm - 8pm
    Wed 9am - 2pm 5pm - 8pm
    Thurs 9am - 2pm 5pm - 8pm
    Fri 9am - 2pm N/A
    Sat 9am - 2pm N/A


    Make sure you have the following when you arrive.

    • The vehicle you're attempting to register.
    • The title for the vehicle.
    • A valid bill of sale for the vehicle.
    • A photo ID proving you're a Coventry resident.
    • $10.00 cash, check or money order.


    NOTE:  If you're having a VIN checked on a vehicle that you own that is actively registered to you in another state, you must provide a copy of that registration.  The registration certificate will be accepted in place of the vehicle title and bill of sale.