Special Needs Registry

    A program that helps protect anyone in the Coventry community with developmental disabilities, the elderly, or the elderly with disabilities. The Coventry Police Department and the Town of Coventry’s Department of Human Services are sponsors of this program. Anyone from the Town of Coventry can come to either location and register for the program. Registration forms provide both departments with information about the person participating in the program. The information will include name, address, dob, phone number, etc. and will also include the type of disability, description of the person, contact persons such as family members, friends, possibly doctors. A photograph can also be taken of the registrant.


    The information is placed in the Coventry Police computer database along with the photograph. A registration card can also be generated for the participant. If the registrant is reported missing or found wandering or lost, the information in the database may help in finding the person and returning them home.


    There have been instances in Coventry where an Alzheimer’s victim has been reported missing and others times a victim has been found wandering and the relative is not aware the victim left the house. With this program, the timeliness of locating the victim and returning them home may be enhanced by their participation in Coventry on Alert.


    Anyone interested can respond to the Coventry Police Department to file a registration form. A digital photo can be taken at CPD also.


    For additional information regarding the program, please contact our Elderly Affairs Officer.